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Free Real Estate Brochure

The Real Estate brochure removes the hassle and stress from designing the right marketable brochure to prospective house buyers. By using the Real Estate Brochure, agents will find that their sales appeal is more positive, professional and successful with their clients than with their prior use of stacks of paper. Most agents will find that their clients dislike the practice of scrolling through endless online pages of homes or various files of potential options. The Real Estate Brochure condenses all of the necessary housing information into a sleek and intriguing design that is a necessary tool for all housing agents to have.

Using the Real Estate Brochure Template

The Real Estate Brochure template is free to download when selecting the link provided by this site. After the download process, the template is simple to use and customize to the agent’s desired preference. With a background layout of a white and blue highlighted housing blueprint, the Real Estate Brochure features up to four picture slots of a given property, text boxes for the company title, prior customer reviews, agent contact information, and top priority housing and company details.

To access this template, users must have access to Word 2003 or later. This is the recommended and necessary program needed for the template to successfully download. The template itself downloads in seconds depending on the speed of the PC or laptop. Once the download is complete, the template is ready for immediate use.

To get started, here are the steps provided:

  1. Because the template opens by using Word 2003, it can easily be customized with font, color or picture scheme to better meet the needs or vision of the user. However, because the template already features such a sophisticated layout, most users will be reluctant to change the overall style. For those who find it necessary, simply use the options provided on the Word 2003 toolbar.
  2. Follow each text box on the Real Estate Brochure. Users should fill out all optional photo boxes to make their brochure and house more marketable.
  3. Never hesitate to provide the company name in the heading of the brochure or fail to list any method of contact for the potential buyer.
  4. Include previous customer testimonials, as this will highly increase your reputation among prospective clients.
  5. Save the template in a labeled folder for future use or quick duplication. The brochure can be printed or emailed.


Download: Real Estate Brochure

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