Present Value Mortgage Calculator

Present Value Mortgage Calculator


Mortgage calculation is a complex task and a present value calculator is needed to avoid any problems with your lender. This site provides an excel present value calculation template which is an excellent tool that one should utilize to understand various home loan aspects.You can download this template free here.

What is a Present Value Calculator

Whether you want to refinance or pay off your current mortgage, you should take advantage of this present value calculator in excel. This present value calculator in excel doesn’t require many inputs. All you have to input is your mortgage amount, number of years and the discount rate and this excel present value calculation will work.

One advantage of excel present value calculation is that you can download it to your computer and save present value calculator in excel for future reference. Another advantage of this present value calculator is that it makes the complex arithmetic of figuring out mortgage amount very easy.

Using a Present Value Calculator

You don’t have to scratch your head when you are using present value calculator in excel. For example, if you want to see the effect of change in a certain parameter such as discount rate, all you have to do in excel present value calculation, is change that parameter and with one click you can see the result and compare to the other result. It is so easy to add new sheets to present value calculator in excel and compare for your easy usage.

You don’t want surprises as far as mortgage payment or loan applications are concerned, therefore you should utilize a trustworthy tool such as this present value calculator. If excel present value calculation works for you, we can also help you get organized with tools similar to this present value calculator. Besides this excellent present value calculator, we also offer templates for business, home use and gaming.

Download Present value Calculator

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