Color-Coordinated Calendar

Nothing can be simpler than the Color-Coordinated calendar. This document is a fast and free overview of your entire year. The template is broken down into all twelve months and displayed on a single page. The Color-Coordinated Calendar template even gives you a place at the bottom of the page to designate certain days as a significant event. All you need to do is print this wonderful template and proudly display it somewhere in your home that is often seen! The best part about this Calendar template is that it’s absolutely free. Try this calendar today and plan ahead for the perfect future!

Color-Coordinated Calendar Directions

You will begin your journey to planning the perfect year by downloading the file containing this template. To do this, simply click the link below!

With the template open, you can start to customize the document to your liking. You’ll notice that months are separated into different calendars, displayed with their own unique colors. This way, you can differentiate between the months with ease.

If you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see a few examples of what to enter as important days in a box. The template lists all the major holidays, but you can easily change these or add more by clicking on a cell and typing the new information. Feel free to delete the examples to make more room for your own personal items.

When all your important days have been set, you’ll be ready to print the document. Press the “File” tab at the top of your screen and select “Print”. Never let an important day pass you by, download the free Color-Coordinated Calendar today!

Reasons to Use the Color-Coordinated Calendar

  • Everything you need is located on one page
  • You can enter important days at the bottom of the page
  • Color-coordinated for convenience

Download: 2019 Color Coordinated Calendar

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