Fundraising Budget Template

Free Fundraising Budget Template

The goal of any fundraising campaign is, of course, to raise funds. However, this goal is one which can never be reached in isolation. Any fundraising campaign will always depend on other people. Some people are needed for donations, others are needed to raise funds and keep track of the numbers. Both groups need to keep track of the amount and nature of the donations made to the fundraising campaign. A fundraising budget template is the perfect tool for accomplishing this goal. It’s easy to get started too, as the template can be downloaded right here from this page. Even better, it’s fully free to use. The level of customizability also ensures that it’ll be a perfect fit for any fundraising campaign.

Using the Fundraising Budget Template

  • First, it’s vital to input the name of one’s fundraising campaign into the fundraising budget template. This is how people will know the nature of the cause, and the people working toward it. The fundraising budget template places this at the top, for easy viewing.
  • Next, add in the names of the people who are performing the collections.
  • One should then add in the actual source of the donations next to the name of the individual who collected it.
  • Next, one should add in the source of expenses. This might include things such as advertising or the cost of renting space within an area.
  • Now, place the actual person in charge of the expense next to each appropriate listing.
  • Lastly, keep track of the funds and ensure they’re properly incrementing with added funds.

Tips for Using the Fundraising Budget Template

  • It’s important to keep in mind that recognizing the accomplishments of individuals will increase their efforts. The more people who are added, the better the chances of further efforts on their part.
  • Be sure to circulate the budget and results among as many people as possible. Transparency is important for fundraising. People like to know where their money is going. A fundraising budget template is perfect for spreading information about the campaign.
  • In addition to the more specific information, it’s vital to export the goal and total income to as many people as possible. People are motivated when they see the goal in sight. And when the goal is far away, people will often feel it’s vital to make a larger individual effort in order to push things forward. A fundraising budget template can keep everyone fully informed about how things are progressing.

Download: Fundraising Budget Template

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