SWOT Analysis Sheet

The SWOT Analysis Sheet is here to help small businesses analyze the advantages and disadvantages of any new business plan that you’re thinking about implementing this year. This sheet is as simple as any other way to organize the pros and cons of your plans, but a safer and free place to see how these actions will play out over time. You will be able to enter the pros, cons, opportunity and risks of your next business plan and see where that will lead. This tool is used by businesses large and small across the world and now this tool is available for free to you as well. Give it a try by reading the sheet below.

How to Use the SWOT Analysis Sheet

To download, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

At the bottom of the template, you will see a dashboard in which to enter all your information and the proceeding tabs in which to break that dashboard down.

Start in the “Strengths” tab and list all the pros of your plan in the box to the left of the page. All your data will be strewn in the web graphic to the right. This data will then be put together. You can also see that to add weight to certain elements, you will use the table to the right of the graph to indicate the point.

Just as you did with the strengths table, go through the weaknesses, opportunities, and threats sections and do the same.

Everything that you enter into these pages will appear in the dashboard. When you have completed all the tabs, go back to the dashboard. Here, all the graphs that you made will appear on one page so you can properly access the entirety of your plan with ease.

Why You Should Use the SWOT Analysis Sheet

  • Graphs your data automatically.
  • Adjustable for all business types.
  • Completely free tool used everywhere.

Download: SWOT Analysis Sheet

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