Breakeven Analysis Template

Free Breakeven Analysis Template

Every business must strive to break even in order to stay financially afloat. The Breakeven Analysis Template for Microsoft Excel allows business owners to streamline various number in one place in order to understand their costs, which will be of significant use in gaining an accurate understanding of expenses for a quarter. The Breakeven Analysis Template allows business owners to gain a greater understanding of their fixed and variable expenses.Owners can then compare these expenses to profits in order to obtain an accurate breakeven analysis of where they stand financially, particularly since the template allows all of the relevant numbers to be in a single streamlined space. The Breakeven Analysis Template for Excel is free, easy to operate, and available for quick and easy download.

The Breakeven Analysis Template is very thorough, with sections for expenses such as inventory, supplies, advertising, travel expenses, rent, telephone bills, accounting, interest, depreciation, taxes, insurance, utilities, and salaries. Each of these categories can be further divided into two sections, one for fixed costs, and another for variable expenses, such as travel expenses that may have different costs month to month.

To use the Breakeven Analysis Template, begin by downloading it from this page. Once the download is complete, open it in Microsoft Excel, edit as needed, and then input the numbers for your business. The template’s specific categories should make this process fairly straightforward. Do not forget to take note of the different sections for fixed and variable expenses.

Breakeven Analysis Template Tips and Tricks

  • Do not forget to separate fixed and variable expenses. This will give you a much more accurate projection of your numbers.
  • Add fixed costs before variable ones to give yourself an idea of the basic expenses.
  • Use the sheet on a regular basis to keep up with your business’ numbers
  • Save separately as you regularly use the template so that you can go back to look at your previous numbers for reference

The Breakeven Analysis Template is a significant asset to any business, small startups in particular. Rather than taking the time and energy to customize your own spreadsheets, save time and energy by downloading this helpful template.

Download: Breakeven Analysis Template

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