Heating Fuel Comparison Calculator

heating fuel comparison calculator


What is the Heating Fuel Comparison Calculator?

The heating fuel comparison calculator is a template which uses the math functions built in to the Excel software program to make it easy to compare both different kinds of heating fuel and different types of heating appliances. This is normally a cumbersome process in part due to the high number of variables involved. Different types of fuel are measured using different standard units of measure, such as kilowatt hours of electricity versus gallons of gasoline. This tool has separate columns for the standard measures upon which their prices are based and also for a form of standardized heat measure (BTU’s) which fosters an “apples to apples” comparison.

Use of the Heating Fuel Comparison Calculator

Choosing a heating system is a complex decision-making process which includes difficult to quantify variables like personal comfort and convenience plus more readily quantified variables like cost. However, real cost, either annually or over the lifetime of a particular system, is much less apparent than it might initially seem and can be difficult to cross compare with other systems. This calculator helps simplify that piece of the puzzle so you can compare like to like and get a clearer idea of the real costs involved.

It is not uncommon for budget minded individuals to choose a heating system based on the lowest apparent cost: The upfront costs (materials plus installation). However, in the long run, a seemingly inexpensive system may be more expensive in terms of life time costs due to inefficiency and high fuel costs. A more logical, more informed choice needs to factor in those variables as well. This calculator helps make that possible and prevents the process from being unduly burdensome. Just plug in numbers for the highlighted variables.


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