Radio Frequency Calculator

Radio Frequency Calculator


Originally, Excel got its start from Microsoft, a corporation responsible for developing products related to computing. Excel is known as a spreadsheet application featuring graphic tools, calculation, pivot tables and Visual Basic. Excel also meets the standards of Mac and Windows, two huge computer operating systems.

One of the biggest reasons the Excel template is valuable is due to its ease of use and ability to create resumes, letters, calendars, shopping lists, gaming and business account records. In addition to that, there are different types of Excel templates to choose from. These are five mostly-used templates. They are:

• Cash flow
• Product document
• Software deployment document
• Writing technical document
• Radio frequency calculator

Cash Flow Document

The cash flow document template is used to determine the business cash flow projection and related activities. It is important for a business owner to keep track of profit, where the money is going and how much of it is needed to keep the business in operation.

Product Document

The product document is important because it is delivered with a product. It shows instructions on how to perform or install a product to the user.

Software Deployment Document

The software deployment document helps the user to create and deploy a document for a platform and software. Usually, this type of software is targeted at IT system administrators.

Writing Technical Document

For any architect, manager or integrator, the writing technical document is very important. It is highly technical in appearance and is used for terms of contract.

Radio Frequency Calculator

Usually telecommunication engineers who deal with the design of radio networks and its calculations use this as a tool. This radio frequency calculator can be used as a spreadsheet to record the VSWR, free space loss, masking effect, directivity attenuation, returns and loses of a frequency signal.


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