Monthly Timesheet

Monthly Timesheet


Whatever line of business you are in, keeping track of your time is not only important, but imperative. If you are looking for a way to accurately record time, our monthly timesheet template is ideal for you.

Excel templates, such as the monthly timesheet template, can be formatted for both Windows and Mac computers and can be implemented into any type of work. This template allows you to organize time spent on various project and/or clients. Timesheets can be used to verify payroll each month and help reconcile payments to corresponding time entered. This particular timesheet allows you to account for lunch breaks taken as well.

Monthly Timesheet Template: Ease of Use

Templates are standardized computer files that can be downloaded and tailored to your exact needs. They are much simpler to use than software or web-based programs. A great feature of this template offered is the ability to organize your time with the capability of utilizing arithmetic operations to ensure correct calculation of time.

Templates are straightforward, easy to understand, easy to operate and easy to educate others on how to use them. They are a great way to record your time all in one convenient place and make your payday run smoothly. Templates are designed to be saved and used year after year.

Who can benefit from the template?

Anyone who needs to track the time spent on the job or on specific tasks will benefit from the template. Employers looking for an uncomplicated, free way to track not only their time but the time of their employees as well would benefit greatly from this template.


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