Printable Calendar One Page Sheet

Using a calendar is a smart and effective way of keeping track of important dates and events. This Excel One Page Calendar template can help you stay on task and record the most essential dates in your life. Since the calendar is on one single page, it’s very easy to see and plan upcoming events. The best thing about it is that it’s free!

Using the Excel Printable Calendar One Page Sheet

The Excel Calendar template has every month on one sheet for ease of use. It can be used to reference many important personal and social dates. One can easily add and plan for special occasions such as birthdays, trips, and vacation dates. After downloading the template and opening it in Excel, users can add their own designs and colors. The ability to easily customize this calendar makes it vital for everyone, especially people that are always on the go.

Printing the Excel Calendar One Page Sheet

The great thing about the Excel calendar template is that it can be used almost anywhere. If you want a hard copy, it can easily be printed out. Most people put their calendar in the kitchen on the fridge or in their office. On the other hand, many users save the template to their computer and update it from there.

Staying on schedule is very important. Let the Excel One Page Calendar template make it easy.

Template courtesy of Microsoft.

Download: Printable Calendar One Page Sheet

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