Mortgage Qualification Worksheet

This worksheet was designed to provide you with a rough estimate for conventional, fixed-term mortgages. You can download the free Mortgage Qualification Worksheet to discover the estimates of your home loan payments. You should note that loan terms will vary depending on the type of mortgage and lender policies you choose. Other than that, the template is very easy to use. You will download the file and fill in the spaces given with your loan information. The step below will also guide you through every element of the worksheet so you know what to enter. Get started today by downloading the template below.

How to Use the Mortgage Qualification Worksheet

You can download the template by clicking the link below.

Start at the top of the page and enter your various modes of income. This could be your main income, income from investments, anything that contributes to your monthly gross product.

Next, enter any long-term debts, this will be used and subtracted from your monthly income and generally used to assess your credit with the calculators used by this template.

In both sections, you only need to replace the values that are listed in green. Those that are highlighted in red are calculated for you.

Once you finish entering your information, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to receive your report.

The example template uses gives them their estimated monthly escrow payment, homeowner’s insurance, if applicable, Homeowner’s dues and other fees, if any, Annual interest rate (e.g., 7.125), Duration of the loan (in years), and the monthly principal and interest payment.

This template is a fast and easy way to access your information for a home loan and see if you qualify for something you want now.

To give this template a try, just download the template by clicking the link below.

Download: Mortgage Qualification Worksheet – Microsoft

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