Dynamic Right Triangle

Dynamic Right Triangle

Calculating the lengths of triangles in math is one of the most common issues that students struggle with. The free “Dynamic Right Triangle” sheet is a template that not only shows you the answers but also teaches you how to solve these problems using the basic techniques taught in class. The benefit of using this template is that you can see how the math is applied to the problem and receive a visual of the triangle as a graph. You can have all the tools you need to solve the sides of a triangle with this template. To get started today, just follow the guide below.

Downloading and Using the Dynamic Right Triangle Template

You can begin by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the link we have provided for you below. Once you have the template in hand, come back to this guide.
Take a look at the overview below.

1. A dynamic triangle which calculates the ratio of sides & angles
2. Use the slider on the left & bottom sides of the triangle & see the values change

Start at the very top of the template and see the lengths of the triangle are entered into the green cells. If you enter the value or your problem triangle, it will take that information and show you what the triangle will look like too.

You will want to use the scroll bars, located on the X and Y axis, to change the size of your triangle. The template will then calculate your new triangle and show you the degrees of the angles off to the side. You can also see the ratio of lengths in the table to the right as well.

Take the time to change the example triangle to what you need.

The template simply provides you with all the answers you need to understand the math behind this classic problem.

Download: Dynamic Right Triangle

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