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dew point calculator

In the field of meteorology, sometimes there are more calculations involved than a NASA biosphere endeavor. From temperature to humidity, pressure to precipitation, finding the right answer can be nigh impossible without the proper equipment, and there’s not a better tool on the market for the seasoned meteorologist than the Dew Point Calculator Excel.

This handy dandy piece of software is indispensable for the 21st century climatologist on the go and in the know. Like any piece of mathematical software, the dew point calculator requires a bit of know-how to operate. Though it may seem daunting, one could become a guru in the proper use of the dew point calculator before you could say “cumulonimbus” five times fast.

The Dew Point Calculator Excel: Easy as Piedew point calculator excel

Before you even begin to use the dew point calculator, it is imperative that you prepare your temperature and humidity data, otherwise the program will have nothing to compute. Once your temperature and humidity data is ready and compressed in the requisite TRX format, simply run the program, click the large rectangular button which reads “Generate dew-point…”, and voilĂ ! After completing your calculations, you should find your data nestled safely within the multifarious DPT channel.

The Dew Point Calculator Excel: Not Just for Meteorologists

Though tailor-made for meteorological pursuits, the dew point calculator can just as easily find use in many other exciting professions. The amateur study of meteorology as a hobby has grown increasingly popular over the previous decade, and what better for that than a professional grade dew point calculator that can run on your personal computer.

The dew point calculator is also particularly useful for those in the umbrella field of general aviation, to calculate the probability of icing and fog, as well as estimating the cloud height. School administrators and sporting event supervisors will also find a friend in the dew point calculator, in order to foresee troublesome precipitation that could result in litigation if gone unchecked.

Regardless of the application, the dew point calculator is a robust piece of software that would do well to accompany the portfolio of any sensible meteorologist.

Download: Dew Point Calculator

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