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Free Currency Rate Calculator

With business moving beyond physical borders thanks to the Internet, it’s possible to get customers from all over the world regardless of where your particular business is located. While that’s good news for those willing to buy and sell any time, any place, it does pose a problem when it comes to currency. After all, how does a small town game store know what the exchange rate for dollars to pesos is? Or yen? Or any other currency? Well, the simple answer is downloading a free currency rate calculator, which will do all the hard work.

What is the Currency Rate Calculator?

The currency rate calculator is a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which keeps count of what the going exchange rates are from one currency to another at any given time. All the user requires is the Excel spreadsheet, which can be downloaded for free at the link on this page, and a connection to the Internet. Once those two things are established, it’s smooth sailing from that point onward.

This Currency Rate Calculator Doesn’t Cost Me Anything?

That is completely correct. We know that in this modern business world owners have to be able to accept a wide variety of different payments. A business owner wouldn’t dream of only accepting cash and turning away anyone who wanted to use a credit card. Most businesses are also only too happy to accept Internet orders, allowing them to make sales to whomever is interested. Accepting international orders is the next step, and with this currency rate calculator every business owner can keep their fees and charges up to the minute with accuracy.

In addition to being able to convert currencies for one’s business though, this spreadsheet is always free. Whether it’s the first time or the one hundredth time someone has downloaded the sheet, it will never cost anything. This means that business owners can put it on their computers, tablets, smartphones, and really on any machine they use for work at no cost. Also, whether the sheet gets lost or overwritten, corrupted or misplaced, a new one can be downloaded.

Download: Currency Rate Calculator

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