Hall Pass Template

This hall pass template perfect tool for any teacher or person in administration. The hall pass template is any school’s new best friend. It keeps track of so much when it comes to your students.

It’s free and easy use. You can also customize it for whatever your particular needs might be. You can get one of these customized and free templates on this page!

How to Use the Hall Pass Template

  • First, there will be sections for each students’ name and date. Keep a log of this everyday. If you need more copies, you can always print them from the site.
  • Second, Always record the time they leave and return. Some teachers make the mistakes of just recording the departure time. Then when they go back to question something, they don’t have enough information. So record both times
  • Always record where they are heading off to. As a teacher, this is must-have information. Teachers need to know where their students are at all times.

Tips for Using the Hall Pass Template

The hall pass template is easy to use. It’s important that the school keeps track of where their students are at all times. With these templates, you can print off enough for a few weeks, or the entire year. You set it up for own use. This template will keep track of it all. This way you can keep an eye on the students that need to be watched. It’s a good way to watch them, without really watching them. As you review the template you can see who is being good with the hall pass, versus who is not. There are many students you will find that are taking advantage of the situation. They figure if no one is looking, they can get away with it. With this template you can do your best to keep all of your students in line. 

Every school needs one of these templates. Think of this as an investment into your kid’s lives.

Download: Hall Pass Template

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