Cartesian Coordinate Graph

Cartesian Coordinate Graph

We derive much information that is beneficial from the use of graphed information. Graphing is a way to reduce objects to a number system or physical features to mapped coordinates. Graphs also serve to convert relationships between mathematical equations into visual objects to depict those relationships. In addition, mapped relationships that are established by graphing identify the location of objects by proximity to one another for recovery at a later time. Such relationships are depicted in a graphing form commonly called a cartesian coordinate graph.

This approach has been used for hundreds of years by mathematicians, map makers and other investigators. Invaluable insights in many fields of endeavor have come to light through the process of tracking information by graphing. Space does not permit an exhaustive discussion of the impact that graphed relationships have on one’s day-to-day decision making.

Using a Cartesian Coordinate GraphCartesian Coordinate Graph

What you do know is that at times you create graphs yourself. We have all put pencil to paper; whether required for a mathematics course, needed to perform a financial evaluation or to physically locate features of import. Unfortunately, we have all had the experience of having to redraw those graphs from scratch, to correct the axis scaling, edit existing data, or add new information.

The longer a graph is in use the more times recreation is needed. When it comes to editing a graph, paper is no comparison to an electronic document. An Excel cartesian coordinate template offers advantages in all of those areas. If the graphing area is too small to contain all of the information the extents are quickly enlarged as necessary to plot new information.

Likewise, faulty information may be deleted, correct information entered and the relationship replotted. Formatting may be altered as desired to emphasize specific information depending on the use of the graph. As you know, an electronic documented is easily retained, shared as well as inserted into reports or other publications.

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