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Free Special Offer Template

One of the most effective types of marketing communication is a postcard piece. Your postcards can be informational or for promoting a special event or sale. Either way, they usually are a great size to hand out at trade shows or company events. The Special Offer Template for Microsoft Word allows business people to print their own company information on the back of the postcard so that potential clients will know who to contact if they are interested. Easily customized, the Special Offer Template allows you to add information in a 4.25 x 5.5 inch format. The template can be downloaded for free from this page.

How to Use the Special Offer Template Word Document

  • Open the special offer template and add your company information and optionally your product information.
  • Enter your information once and it will change all 4 postcards on the page.
  • Go to print options and ensure that you have the correct paper or postcard selection made. If you are using Avery, the template will work with Avery 3263, 3380, 5989, 8383, and 8387.

Tips for Using the Special Offer Template Word Document

  • If you have a set of postcards ready and would like to print on the back of the postcards, you can set Microsoft Word to only print a single instance of the postcard instead of four at once. You can then use a paper tray or a manual feeder on your printer to load the postcards for printing and start to print.
  • If the product or service that you are promoting is tied to a specific web page, it might be more effective to import a QR code and fit it into the space allotted below the company information. A QR code image would allow users to use their smart phone or tablet to take a picture of the code on the postcard and then their own software would take them directly to the page. It is a popular idea because you will often have a very long webpage address for your promotion and that is sometimes difficult for potential customers in terms of the time that it takes for them to type it into their browser.


Download: Special Offer Template

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