2016 Calendar Sheet

The Calendar Sheet template is a decorative way to keep track of all your special events, engagements, or anything else you want to accomplish this year. The 2016 Calendar Sheet is simple to use and extremely convenient! With a large space to write all your notes and every day of a month neatly compacted for a clear overview, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish with this document. Download the free calendar template today and be that much closer to achieving all your goals!

2016 Calendar Sheet Instruction Manual

Each of the twelve months is broken down into separate section on this document. The first step is to scroll down the list and find the current month.

Once you have located your current day, then you can commence your scheduling. To the left of every month is a set of lined notes. Simply write down your event in the section to the left. Be sure to write the day of your event as well as a description. Note that the holidays marked on the Calendar Sheet have the day next to them as well. This will help with overall organization.

You can take scheduling a step further by highlighting the day of your event on the calendar and selecting a different color to mark it as special or significant. To do this, highlight the text and click the bucket icon at the top of your screen.

When you have finished planning your month, click inside the calendar of the month you want to print, and press “File” then “Print” at the top of your screen.

Now you can have the perfect strategy to make the most out of this year. Download this free template today and start accomplishing those long or short term goals!

Top 3 Reasons to use the 2016 Calendar Sheet

  • Formatted for easy printing
  • Easily customizable design
  • Everything you need is on one tab

Download: 2016 Calendar Sheet

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