2012 Absence Tracking Excel Template

2012 absence tracking excel template for free

There are times when a person may not be able to make it to work. They may have come down with an illness and need to stay home. A family emergency may happen that requires immediate attention. When an employee is going to be absent from work the days they miss must be tracked. The 2012 Absence Tracking Excel Template can help an employer stay on top of the days that employees are missing work.

Benefits of the Tracking Template

2012 absence tracking excel template for free
Using this template has many benefits to both the employer and the employee. This tracker will make sure the employee is getting the correct amount of sick time. It will keep track of how many days they have used and how much time they still have available to them.

This tracker will also help the employer keep tracking of who is taking off of work and how often they are calling out. The tracker also allows the employer to add a comment as to why the employee was absent and keep track of their reasons for not going to work.

Other Uses for the 2012 Absence Tracking Excel Template

This template can be used in many other places to track attendance besides a work setting. A teacher can use this template in excel to track the attendance of the student. It will show the teacher who is frequently missing and if their absence is something to be concerned about.

This template can also help organization keep track of who attends their meetings on a regular basis and who is often absence. Since this tracking template is in excel is can be customized and arranged to best meet the needs of the user. It can also graph and show a trend line in attendance if needed. This tracker will show how often a person is absent and if there may be something to worry about.

Download: 2012-absence-tracking-excel-template

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