Christmas Gift Certificate Template

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Gift certificates are one of the most popular ways to personalize a present. With a Christmas Gift Certificate Template,  your business can show the holiday spirit and encourage customers to come back and celebrate with you. Make your business somebody’s special gift this year with special themed gift certificates.

Download a Christmas Gift Certificate Template for your Business

All of the gift certificate templates are free so you have nothing to lose by decorating your gift certificate theme with something more appropriate to the season. Transform your ordinary gift certificates with the Christmas gift certificate template and they will make excellent gifts, bedecked with poinsettias or snowmen and ready to make your business somebody’s special holiday event. All the templates are easy-to-use, customizable and ready for download.

How to Use the Christmas Gift Certificate Template

  • Personalize the Christmas Gift Certificate Template by adding your name as the gift giver or leaving it blank to be filled in by customers.
  • Add what the recipient will receive as part of the gift certificate: a free special offer, a coupon, etc.
  • Write in the recipient’s name, or leave blank to be filled in by a customer.
  • Specify the name of your business, its street address and city. Or, if you are doing this for fun, just make one up.
  • Sign it to Authorize the certificate as valid.
  • Add in the expiration date if there is one or say that the offer is good as long the person wants.

Who Can Use the Christmas Gift Certificate Template?

These are a great idea for both individuals and actual businesses needing to create gift certificates to give away this holiday season. Business owners looking for an easy way to print off gift certificates will find it here with the Christmas Gift Certificate template. Also, these make great stocking stuffers for the whole family. Just replace the business name with your own and you can make offers to parents, siblings or spouses which they can redeem for personal favors, offers, and other special things.

No matter how you want to use a customized gift certificate this holiday season, you can use this template to make a professional looking offer to your desired recipient.

Download: Christmas Gift Certificate Template

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