February 2017 Calendar

The February 2017 Calendar

Our online Excel February 2017 calendar template is downloadable, customizable and printable. Your downloaded calendar can be edited to include the dates you want to remember in the coming month. Download and print the February 2017 calendar template for free right here today!

Features of the Excel February 2017 Calendar Template

To enter information into any of the gridded numbered boxes, simply click over the box and begin to type. You can zoom in to view in more detail each day or month or zoom out to see it all at once. You have the option of a Sunday initial or a Monday initial week order. There is also the capability to color any box any color you wish. Color-coding could distinguish Sundays and holidays, work days and off work days, birthdays, etc. at a glance.

This calendar is a simple but effective tool that can be used to organize your month. Remember important project deadlines, bill due dates, and family outings with a little help from the calendar. You can’t be expected to remember everything, but type it in and you will find it again later when you need it. Social and business life can be compared and balanced, and time always left for family events. Mark out planned expenditures and actual purchases to help you stay on budget. Set work or personal goals (perhaps an exercise program). The uses are nearly endless.

Special Dates and Observances on the February 2017 Calendar

Holidays you may wish to include in your February 2017 calendar include: Lincoln’s Birthday on Thursday the 12th, St. Valentine’s Day on Tuesday the 14th, President’s Day on Monday the 20th, and George Washington’s Birthday on Wednesday the 22nd. You should consider putting in birthdays of relatives and friends, and any anniversaries or other celebrations you will have plans for. Since 2017 is not a leap year, there will be the usual 28 days in February.

Download: Excel February 2017 Calendar Template

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