December 2016 Calendar

Free December 2016 Calendar

Between work, social life, and family events, it is hard to remember what’s happening today let alone tomorrow or next week. This free Excel December 2016 calendar template is an excellent way to stay organized and up-to-date on what’s going on in all aspects of one’s life. You can get the Excel December 2016 calendar template instantly for free on this page!

Excel December 2016 Calendar Template: Personal and Work Life At A Glance

Do you have a meeting with project managers this month? Is there a work holiday party to attend? No problem, just fill them in on this free easy-to-use December 2016 calendar template. Speaking of parties, you can add those family get-togethers too.

Important Dates on the December 2016 Calendar

With the holiday season ramping up, the months tend to fly by. Mark December 7th as the new moon if you enjoy watching or meditating during that time. You might mark December 13 as the first quarter or waxing moon. If what they say about the emergence of the wild side on nights with the full moon, watch for it on December 20. Coinciding with the full moon this month is the winter solstice on December 21. This is a time when day and night are of equal lengths.

Be sure to get all that shopping done before December 24, Christmas Eve. December 25 is Christmas Day. The next day is great for shopping or more likely stuffing one’s face, drinking eggnog, and watching TV. The holidays and work life can make December much more stressful than usual so schedule some time to relax and luxuriate. The waning moon will appear on December 29. December 31 may be lost in a blur of friends and food to bring in the new year on January 1.

This Excel December 2016 calendar template will prevent hurt feelings, forgotten events, and much more. Download it today for free and survive the holiday season with your sanity.

Download: Excel December 2016 Calendar Template

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