August 2017 Calendar

Free August 2017 Calendar

A great way to organize your schedule, plan your budget and remember important dates is through the use of calendar templates, such as the Excel August 2017 calendar template available here. Once you click the download link below and select whether you want Sunday-starting or Monday-starting weeks, you can customize your calendar by simply clicking on any date and typing.

How to Use the Excel August 2017 Calendar Template

Before printing the August 2017 calendar template, you have the option to add extra details onto the template in the standard square numbered spaces, such as holidays, deadlines, the phases of the moon, etc. You also have the option to highlight specific days and events, making the calendar easier to read at a glance. Extra space is available on the squares for note-taking and editing.

Templates such as the Excel August 2017 calendar make it that much simpler to outline a busy month, from vacations to birthdays, bills, due dates, personal off days, practices, purchases and more.

Important Dates on the August 2017 Calendar

The month of August in 2017 starts on a Tuesday, the only month to start on a Tuesday in 2017, and ends on a Thursday, the same day on which November ends. Tuesday to Thursday occur 5 times during this month, and Friday to Monday occur 4 times.

Although August does not have any federal holidays, you can add local or quirky holidays to the template, such as International Friendship Day (Sunday, August 6) and International Left-Hander’s Day (Sunday, August 13). Other events include the independence days of numerous countries.

In August 2017, a couple of religious holidays will also occur: the Jewish day of fasting, Tisha B’av (Tuesday, August 1) and the start of the Islamic pilgrimage, Hajj (Wednesday, August 30).

Arranging your month has never been so quick and effortless. Download, edit and print your August 2017 calendar template today!

Download: Excel August 2017 Calendar Template

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