April 2016 Calendar

Free April 2016 Calendar

Remember the charming childhood rhyme, “Thirty days hath September. All the rest I can’t remember. There’s a calendar on the wall. Why should I bother my head at all?” In adulthood, use of a calendar becomes far more than a way to avoid remembering basic facts such as the number of days in a month. Between work and pleasure activities, schedules can swiftly become both demanding and confusing. If you have to keep up with the schedules of multiple family members, it helps tremendously to have your Excel April 2016 calendar template at your finger tips.

All the April 2016 Calendar Activities

Spring always brings a bustle of activity. After spring break in March, students hit the books hard in April to prepare for final exams at the end of the month or the beginning of the next. With an Excel April 2016 calendar template, you can keep track of project deadlines and study group sessions. The spring also brings a number of religious holidays. April 2016 brings with it the observation of Passover, and those who celebrate these holy days can use this calendar to schedule preparation times and keep track of when relatives plan to visit for the annual celebration.

Deadlines on the Excel April 2016 Calendar Template

Not every activity scheduled in April is particularly pleasant. April 15 is well known in America as Tax Day. If you tend to procrastinate, you might want to pencil in some time on your Excel April 2016 calendar template for preparing your own taxes or meeting with a tax professional.

Remembering important events and keeping your life organized can be a challenge. Fortunately, with free, printable calendars, organization and preparation just got a little bit easier. Don’t forget birthdays, important errands or anniversaries ever again. Simply put them on the calendar, and be sure to check it as you begin each new day.

Download: Excel April 2016 Calendar Template

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