2012 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar


2012 employee attendance calendarIf you are a business owner and want to keep track of the amount of days your employee attends work, then you should have a 2012 employee attendance tracking calendar made up. A calendar like that will give you an idea on the amount of your employees that come into work especially if you are not there everyday.

The best part is that you can print out free templates and make one up yourself so you can hang in your place of business and you can handle it anyway you would like.

The Benefits of Having Free Templates to Print Out

With free templates that you can download, all you need is a printer and print out twelve pages for every month of the year in 2012. You can design it any way you like as long as you have a page for January through December and you have the days calculated out the way it should be as if it were a regular calendar.

Rewards for Having Perfect Attendance

Be sure and call a staff meeting and let your employees know what it is used for once you are ready to hang up the calendar. You may decide that you want them to write their name in the box for each day that they are there. If they have perfect attendance for the entire month, it may be a good idea for you to treat them using gift cards or having a plaque made up in their honor.

If you offer prizes or awards at the end of each month or at the end of the year, it only gives them an incentive to work there and appreciate what you do to hold the business together.

Download: 2012-Employee-Attendance-Tracking-Calendar-2

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