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Free Spice Jar Labels
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Everyone wishes their kitchen was a little more organized. One of the toughest areas to keep clean and organized is your spice cabinet. With this free spice jar labels template, your spices can be labeled cleanly and uniformly, making your cabinet look more organized and your spices much easier to find.

Many people are choosing to transfer their spices into uniform looking jars and then adding labels. This frees up cabinet space, and makes the containers easier to stack and organize. No matter what containers you choose, this spice jars labels template will be helpful in creating that clean organized look you desire, and keep you from having to fumble around your cabinet during cooking while you’re looking for that spice jar you need.

Downloading the Spice Jar Labels Template

This spice jar labels template is very easy to download and is available for use immediately. All that is required is a computer that has Microsoft Word 2003 or later. To download this template, simply click on the download button and accept the user terms agreement. The file will start downloading immediately to your computer.

How to use your Spice Jar Labels Template

  • After the file has downloaded, find the file in your downloads file and click on it. It will open automatically in Microsoft Word
  • Use your cursor to click in the proper box and customize your labels with the desired spice names and any descriptions if desired
  • After you are done entering in all your information, simply print out template on a blank sheet of paper
  • Cut labels and apply to spice jars


You’ll notice that on this spice jar labels template, you can not only enter in the name of the spices being used, but a simple description too. For instance, if it is a spice that you mixed yourself, you can include ingredients or what the spice is used for (ex. “Spice rub for steaks”). You could also use this extra space to put the date of expiration on the label so you can easily keep track of when spices are past their prime.

Download: Spice Jar Labels

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