Snowman Refrigerator Magnet

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When winter is in full swing and the weather is cold and bitter, the last thing you may want to do with the children is take them outside. They may be begging to go out with the intent to build a snowman, but you hardly think the hour it takes to bundle everyone up is worth the five minutes they may end up being out there. This snowman refrigerator magnet template is the start of a great activity for the family to do inside while still building that snowman and celebrating winter.

How to Use the Snowman Refrigerator Magnet Template

  • First, download the free template to your computer from this page.
  • Second, using a standard printer, print this template to an comparable Avery 3270 magnet sheet.
  • Third, carefully cut out the snowman and accessories. If you are working with small children, you may want to have them use children’s scissors or cut the pieces out for them. Children’s scissors may not be able to cut the magnet sheets correctly.
  • Finally, dress your snowman up any way you would like on a magnetic surface, like a refrigerator.


This easy-to-use template offers the skiing snowman, a top hat, boy and girl accessories, buttons and two different colored scarves to customize your snowman refrigerator magnet to your liking. Print out as many templates as you would like and create several different snowmen.

Tips for Using the Snowman Refrigerator Magnet Template

  • Make sure your printer is on, connected to your computer, and that the magnet sheets are properly inserted in the printer before you select to print the template.
  • To avoid wasting printer ink and/or magnet sheets, ensure your printer is printing properly. Also ensure you have any special settings already in place to print on the magnet sheets. You may want to print a test sheet on regular paper before moving on to printing on the magnet sheets.
  • Make sure you cut the snowman and accessories out correctly so the pieces come together to make up your snowman refrigerator magnet correctly.

The snowman refrigerator magnet template Word document is a great way to get children’s creativity flowing on days when the weather may be chilly and gloomy.

Download: Snowman Refrigerator Magnet

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