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This article will succinctly describe how to use the shipping label template that is available here and can be used with Microsoft Word and other word processors and text editors. Shipping labels organizes seller and buyer shipping information in a neat and professional way. It displays the location of where the shipment originated from. This gives a seller more credibility as the buyer has a physical address they can send items to, such as correspondence or return shipments, and visit if necessary.

One major attraction of this template is that it is free to use. The arduous work of composing the template has already been done for you. All you have to do is plug in the appropriate information. Let’s begin.

How to Use the Shipping Label Template

  • The template allows you to fill in the necessary information that is specific to your company’s and client’s identity. These fields include company logo, company name, company address, and client’s names and address. The template gives you examples on how you should use it.
  • Make any adjustments and changes you may deem necessary or beneficial for your business. The template is completely customizable. For instance, you may want to add your company’s slogan underneath or at the top of the label.
  • You can adjust the quantity and size of the labels to print out as many as you may need. This could come in handy if you need to ship many items to the same address.

Tips for Using the Shipping Label Template Word Document

  • Always check the client’s information (and yours, too) through a series of proof-readings before printing.
  • Use black and white in lieu of color whenever possible. This is considered more professional and, simply put, less expensive.
  • Your shipping label template serves as a simple tool to promote the steady flow of your business.


Use the shipping label template to save overhead expenses and make available shipping labels whenever you need them. The convenience of having this nifty feature available at a moment’s notice can save you time, money and a headache.

Remember to backup any shipping labels you use for future reference and to have on hand as a digital or hard copy backup.

Download: Shipping Label Template

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