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The template found on this page is for making Return Address Labels that will be used to go on envelopes. This is going to save you a lot of time rather you are using it for your own personal use or for a business. These are very popular when you are running a business for they are simple for everyone to use without them having to know the mailing address each time.

The template is absolutely free on this page. It is customizable so you can make it exactly what you want. Again this could be to match something you like if it is going to be for personal use. You could even put something to match what your business represents. The template to make return address labels is also easy to use. You can download it for free right here on the page. Just follow the easy steps and you are on your way to having great return address labels to help out every time you need to mail something.

How to Make Return Address Labels

  • First Line – Fill in your Name or Business Name
  • Second Line – Fill in your Mailing Address or Street Address that you receive mail at
  • Third Line – Fill in your City, State and Zip Code of the mailing address you are using

Benefits of Using These Labels

  • There are 80 labels per sheet
  • You can pick the design that you want to have on there for decoration purposes
  • Saves you time from having to physically write out your personal or business address
  • Perfect size for all envelopes sizes
  • Only have to type information once and the template fills out the rest of the labels for you
  • Super easy to print on sticker sheets


If you’re tired of writing out return address labels for your home or business use, please feel free to download our template today for free! You won’t be disappointed for all the time they are going to save you.

Download: Return Address Labels

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