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Perfect for the first time meet and greet, the Name Badge template allows for teachers, project managers, and organizational leaders to keep track of attendees. Even more, the Name Badge template helps people to be able to properly associate with one another by keeping names in memory. With back to school just weeks away, teachers and group leaders will find that having this template will make their management of large groups and party celebrations much easier and more sociably friendly.

Using the Name Badge Template

The Name Badge template is designed to be really easy to use so that computer users of all skill level can easily customize, create and use the product in an efficient manner. Users can download the template directly from this page for free. However, it is important to mention that users must have Word 2003 or later installed on their PC or laptop, or have direct access to the software. Word 2003 is the default program used for this template and necessary for the program to function accurately. The download time for the Name Badge template is under two minutes or less on most computers. To use the Name Badge template, here are the instructions listed below:

  1. The Name Badge template creates 3.38″ by 2.13″ label cards, with 8 cards per page for print.
  2. The label cards have a ‘Back to school’ slogan, under which users can implement their student’s first name, first and last name, or simply the first name followed by the first initial of their last name appropriately.
  3. Underneath the name of the student, the teach or organization leader can title the name of the school, day, organization, or class level of the student to help organize a more structured social setting.
  4. Once complete, the teacher or user of the program can print as many labels as needed. After print, the user can use a strip of tape to fasten the labels to his or her students.
  5. The Badge template should be saved in a folder that has an easy access title for later duplication and reprint.


With so many uses for the Badge template, all teachers should have this essential template ready for easy and quick use on their PC’s. Students find that these name badges help them feel more confident in their social interaction with each other. Plus, teachers get practice at remembering their students’ names on the first day.

Download: Name Badge Template

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