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There are many ways by which one can spread the holiday mood. One of this ways is through the use of holiday address labels. At such, the labels play two main roles first of which is to indicate the specific physical address of a given area and besides that, have a unique holiday image that is bound to spread cheer. There are different types of these labels all of which vary in regards to the current holiday or season. The three main advantages of the holiday address labels are that the template is available for free on this page; the template is also customizable and is as well easy to use. The holiday address labels template can be downloaded right here.

How to Use the Holiday Address Labels Template

  • To start downloading the template, the first step is to click on the download link below
  • A dialog box will appear; click on Save
  • You may be asked to select the folder where the file should be downloaded to, if not, then it will automatically be downloaded on the Downloads folder
  • The file is usually downloaded in form of a compressed file. To open it, double click on it.
  • You will then be required to extract the compressed file. Once you have extracted the file, double click on it in order to open the file.
  • With your template now open, you can start customizing it by changing the address, the colors or even the image in order to fit your specific needs or preferences.
  • The best way to go about this is by first working on one label and if you like the end results, you can duplicate it in order to create other similar labels.


Tips on How to Use the Holiday Address Labels Template

  • Always ensure that you work with the labels provided so as to not mess the designed layout of the labels. For instance, any change in the size of one label may end up complicating the sizes of other labels.
  • Once you are done with editing the text and the image, preview how a printed version of the labels will look like.
  • It’s also worth getting a second opinion from someone before printing the labels and in addition to this, ensure that you save the edited version on a folder that’s easy to access in your computer as well as on an external drive.


Download: Holiday Address Labels

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