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Business owners understand how shipping delays and errors can zap their companies of important time and money. Most shipping errors or delays can be easily avoided by using a few simple prep steps such as using proper fragile shipping labels. A fragile shipping labels template can make quick work of creating your own personal fragile shipping labels for your company. The template is available for free on this site. This template is easy to use and downloadable for free for your added convenience.

How to Customize the Fragile Shipping Labels

Our fragile shipping labels are easy to customize. In order to customize labels using this template all you must do is enter your company’s specific name, address and other contact information to create your own customized label. There is also space to add your company’s special logo so that it has one of a kind appeal. The word “fragile” will appear on your labels in bold, capitalized, red lettering. When you use our fragile shipping labels to create your company’s personalized shipping supplies there will be no mistake as to how a package needs to be treated.

Our fragile shipping labels can go a long way to alleviating some of your company’s shipping errors, but sometimes other shipping errors or delays can sneak in stealing your company’s time and money:

  • Communication difficulties- Communication difficulties can result in all sorts of annoying problems with your shipping process. You should take time to make sure that all of your employees understand exactly what their individual responsibilities are in the shipping process so that there is little confusion.
  • Lack of supplies- Running out of supplies can bring the shipping process to a standstill. Taking the time to evaluate your company’s shipping supply usage and staying up to date on ordering those supplies can ensure shipping does not slow down due to lack of supplies.
  • Lack of troubleshooting- When a delay or error does take place you do not want your employees standing around waiting for you to come tell them how to fix it. Everyone involved in the shipping process should be well informed of what the plan of action is in the event of a delay or error. This way your employees can take matters into their own hands, deal with the delay or error and get things back on track without your assistance. This will save you much time and frustration in the future.


Download: Fragile Shipping Labels

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