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A business starts off as smart idea and an investment, and with a bit of luck that idea grows into a successful flower of a business. This business is operated by various levels of people; structurally stable and inter-woven within each other to produce the optimal level of function for the business to operate. The foundation of a business that is overlooked often is organization, all the important bits of information kept in a secure location, easily found without a second thought. A smart company uses multiple strategies for organization, the most common of these being file folder labels. Smart companies know to present a professional image by using file folder labels from a Microsoft template.

How to Use the File Folder Labels Template

  • First, download the File Folder Labels template onto your computer, the file is customizable and easy-to-use and fill out.
  • Second, fill in customizable file folder labels and save the file, which is found free on this page. Be sure to include all important information needed on the label, making sure the words are big enough to read.
  • Thirdly, set up the printer with the correct paper. There are special label papers that can align with the print layout and make it easier for you to make and place the labels on the files.
  • Finally, after printing the file folder labels, make sure they were printed to how you wanted them to look. If they were, remove them from the paper and place them on your folders.

Tips for Using the File Folder Label Template

  • First, play around with how you want the label to look. You can change the size, color and the font of the words typed on the label to how you want them to look. Figure out the look that matches your businesses concept and attitude as a whole.
  • Make sure the labels are legible, so that anyone can read the labels for easy access and convenience.
  • Be careful and save the label file on your computer. It is recommended that two copies of this file are saved. One that is a blank file so you can make new labels easily, and another for the labels you’ve already made in case the existing labels get destroyed.


Download: File Folder Labels

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