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Any business needs an efficient way to mail messages to their client base, which need to be stamped with business mailing labels. This is still the most effective way to send out invoices and bills that must be paid for services rendered previously. It can also be an effective way to send out notifications that you will be providing new services or having a sales event soon. But the bottom line is that you must communicate professionally with the clients you serve. Using this simple template can be a great tool for reaching out to these customers.

Basics of the Business Mailing Labels Template

Note that these business mailing labels are neatly arranged with several in a row. This will allow you to print off one sheet with multiple labels, saving your business time and costs associated with printer services. You may want to take a look at these business mailing labels to make sure that this template works for you. It should provide all the space you would need to get your company info on an envelope. This template is easy to download straight off the website. It should open and work for nearly all computers to which it is downloaded.

Text to incorporate into this template:

Make sure that you utilize this template and input all of your relevant business details. Customers may need to see your business name on the label to know that it is from you when they’re shuffling through their mail. You don’t want them to confuse junk mail with the vital piece of information that you are sending to them. Here are some tips to make sure you make your business mailing labels clear to them.

Include the following:

  • Company name at the top
  • Address for your business
  • City and zip code for your business
  • Phone number


All of this is important information to your customers. They may want to mail back a check for the invoice you’re sending to them. Or they could want to send another message back asking for a list of services you provide. Giving them clear cut contact information will help insure that they can continue the correspondence. Remember to keep your information looking professional on these business mailing labels that you decide to download. For many of your customers, this may be the first impression that they form of you.

Download: Business Mailing Labels

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