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There are many reasons for using a custom wine label. A business may have their own brand of wine to promote and will be in need of a perfect label. Creating a customized and personalized wine label for a select batch of wine can easily be done using an Avery wine label template. The information which will be included on a label is the name of the wine, the winery, and the date of production. A user can easily download the Avery wine label template right from this page.

A local winery will need to have a unique label for their wine to differentiate from their competition. A basic wine label that does not have any unique aspects will typically not work. One thing about using a wine template is the label will be a sticker that is easy to apply. Another aspect is adding a number or a bar code to use for tracking inventory levels. The best benefit is being able to print out the number of labels that are necessary.

How to Use the Compatible Avery Wine Label Template Word Document

Open the template file in Microsoft Word to view the project. The first thing to do is enter basic information about the winery or company and make sure to save the file. A wine label will typically need to have a logo for the winery and a brief description about the product.

The next thing to do is enter information in the optional fields. There will be a field for the vintage, the alcohol percentage, and the suggested purchase price.

Tips for Using the Comparable Avery Wine Label Template Word Document

  • Change the date in the template when a new batch of wine has been produced. Another option is to add a short mission statement or slogan that a customer will remember.
  • Keep a copy of the Avery wine label template in the cloud or on a flash drive for easy access. Save separate files for new wine products that have been produced.
  • Clean each wine bottle before applying a newly printed wine label. Each label is a sticker which will be a peel and stick item

Download: Compatible with Avery Wine Label Template

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