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Your corporate business cards should make the image your company projects a positive and strong one. Since they are often the first impression a client receives from you, they should convey your well-defined brand identity. Set the proper tone of your business cards with the easy-to-use Avery Template 8373 similar, document downloadable from this page! It is completely customizable and available free of charge.

How to Use the Document Comparable to Avery Template 8373 Sheet

  • Insert the corporate logo and save the file. Add the full address of the company or regional office, including street number and name, city, state, zip code, and e-mail address. Include the main switchboard phone number as well as a direct dial and cellular phone number, if applicable
  • If your company has a unique branding message, it should be added. It will help the client recall your particular area of expertise
  • Add your occupation or position, and title. Also include all college degrees and professional designations. Letting clients know that you have a good education as well as specialty designations in your field of work bestows a professional image

Tips for Using the Template Compatible With Avery Template 8373 Sheet

  • A picture of yourself, a product, or both may be added. Business cards with pictures grab attention, and help both prospective and current clients remember your face or product.
  • If your company has a website, include the address. This will allow the client to view your full range of products and services
  • Keep the look of the business card clean and simple. Try to keep everything in scale and make sure the type is both legible and comfortable to read.
  • Choose the information being placed on the Avery Template 8373 style, document carefully so it does not have the appearance of being too cluttered. A clean and simple design is always better

Business cards project the ideal image of companies. They help business people present a professional image and highlight the products or services a business provides. First impressions are very important, so make sure to give a positive one with this Avery Template 8373 style, sheet. Downloadable from this page, free of charge!

Download: Compatible With Avery Template 8373

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