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The file comparable to Avery Template 5871 can make life so much simpler, especially if you are running a fundraiser.

It’s time for the local church fundraiser. “Oh no!” you think, I’m going to have to write out all those raffle tickets, or I’m going to have to go spend a fortune at the printers. While this may have been the case a few years ago, this argument doesn’t really hold water any longer. There is a way to create attractive and machine printed raffle tickets without your having to order thousands of tickets. In fact, you can print them out directly from your computer.

Get the template Compatible with Avery Template 5871 Sheet

All you need is a special template. The document similar to Avery Template 5871 is so easy to use. All you have to do is download it to your computer. The template will automatically open.

Finding the template is easy. Just download it right off of this page. After that, fixing the template is a cinch. Just change out the existing information for the information you need. Add your association or organization name and address by clicking in that section. Change any other information by clicking on the word you want to change and typing in the information.

Print Out the Template Compatible with Avery Template 5871 Sheet

Once finished, simply go to “File” and click the “Print” option, just as you would to print any other document. Cut out your printed raffle tickets and you’re finished; all a process that takes about 15 minutes. Whew! What a relief, now you don’t have to spend hours writing up raffle tickets. The Avery Template 5871 does it all for you in the time it takes you to go get the markers and the colored paper.

Working for a non profit doesn’t have to be hard work. You can simplify many of the processes and finish way ahead of everyone else, especially when you use templates like the Avery template 5871.

Download: Compatible with Avery Template 5871

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