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The document, in the style of the Avery Template 5395, is designed for multiple name badges, which appear on a single page and make printing easy. The template may be used for functions or events and is available free of charge. Simply click on the download link available on this page to begin using this amazing Avery similar, template today!

How to Use the Sheet Compatible With the Avery Template 5395

The Avery Template 5395 style, document is a breeze to use and is meant for both first-time and advanced users who want to customize and refine a template to their personal preference. It can be fully customized, but only a few alterations are required for it to be used immediately after downloading. Best of all, the template is completely free!

Once the template has been downloaded, navigate to your downloads folder, or right click the file and select open from your browser, and open the template in Microsoft Excel.

Tips for Customizing the Sheet Comparable to Avery Template 5395

After opening the template in Microsoft Excel several customization options will become available. First, every line of text can be changed and customized to your preference, including font.

  • To begin, click on the text you desire to change.
  • Highlight the text and press delete.
  • Type in the text you desire. For example, replace “First and Last Name,” with your real name.
  • Repeat steps one through three for all of the text in the individual name badges.
  • When satisfied, consider changing the image, altering the text font, or adding borders.

If you decide to modify the Avery Template 5395 style, sheet remember that text should be legible from several feet away. It is important, especially at conventions, for people to be able to easily read your name and information.

Thank you for downloading, installing, and using the template. Enjoy the events you use them for.

Download: Document compatible with Avery Template 5395

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