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When in need of creating return address labels for a project or large function, the Microsoft Windows Word Avery Template 5167 similar, sheet can help you create a unique and professional label using our free template that you can download right from here. Creating a personal customized label will allow you the freedom to portray any image that you would like to your recipients.

How to Use the Template Comparable to Avery Template 5167 Sheet

  1. Collect any and all of the addresses or information that you will be recording on to the label template and organize.
  2. Open up the free Avery Template 5167 style, sheet and choose which style of label suits the theme or image that you desire for the application that you are trying to complete. Download and follow instructions on the basic template that you will be using to a file on your computer for future reference if desired.
  3. Fill in the data that you desire on the address labels using copy and paste, and save the file to your computer for future reference. Be sure to save your work to a file on your computer. Print your finished labels to 1 3/4? x 1/2? label paper, taking into account how many pages will be needed and enter that quantity into the correct area on your print set up page.

Tips for Using the Template Comparable to Avery Template 5167 Sheet

  1. Labels that contain repetitive information may be copied and pasted to the template page to eliminate having to type each one address separately.
  2. There are other compatible programs and templates that work well with this document, similar to the Avery Template 5167, offering the user even more choices.
  3. For multiple pages of labels, it is advisable to save each page to a file and then to one central folder for easy storage and retrieval.

When you have the need to fill out multiple address labels for your home or business, it is a great idea to use the Avery Template 5167 style, sheet to print out address labels quickly, easily, and for free with customized results.

Download: Sheet Compatible with Avery Template 5167

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