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The document in the style of the Avery Template 5163 sheet offers a highly useful set of shipping labels. It is an easy way to add a professional look to parcels. One can print one to ten labels on the template. The template reduces the time and effort needed to produce one or a batch of shipping labels. With easy cut and paste or a mail merge program feature, labels will take less time and look better than before. Whether for business or personal use, one can reduce shipping errors by using these clear, readable computer-generated shipping labels on every parcel.

How to Use the Template That Works With Avery Template 5163

Download the Avery Template 5163 similar, document by clicking the download link on this page, it is free and customizable to the user’s needs. Once it is on the computer, open the download with Word or Office and the template document will appear ready for customizing. Use the control box to pick the place to type the sender’s information or return address.

One can place it top, middle, or lower part of the space. This is a convenient place to cut and paste. Select the column or row for the shipping destination, and place it top, center or low on the label. Prepare one to ten labels, and when done simply print using any of the Avery like, papers listed on the download page.

Tips on Using the Template Comparable With Avery Template 5163

The template, in the same style as the Avery Template 5163 sheet, gives freedom to choose the arrangement of address information on the labels. One can use a side column, for example, to put the sender’s address or return instructions. Some useful tips:

  1. Cut and paste the senders address to save time.
  2. Use bold and large font to print the receivers address.
  3. For business use, one can print return labels to ensure quick and accurate returns.
  4. For larger batches, one can run a mail merge to fill in the shipping addresses.

Download: Template Compatible With Template Similar to Avery Template 5163

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