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An address is needed to get any mailed item from point A to point B. It conveys the intended destination, but it also conveys information about the mailer. A personalized address label like the Avery Template 5162 style, document provides a professional and appealing look that can be easily customized for free.

Why Use a Template Comparable to Avery Template 5162 for your Address Label Needs?

By using this template, similar to the Avery Template 5162, to create custom address labels you are taking an extra step to put time and consideration into your mailings. The template is easy to use, and available to download and customize free of charge right off this page. With a few simple clicks you will have easily adapted the template to your specifications, creating a one-of-a-kind label that the recipients will notice as soon as they receive the mailing.

Tips for Using Template Compatible With Avery Template 5162 to Create Custom Address Labels

  • Once you’ve downloaded and opened the free label template you can begin modifying the recipient addresses
  • You can type the addresses in separately, or you can use your document editing tools to use the “mail merge” function and automatically input your addresses with a few simple clicks
  • The design on the left side of the address will be included on your label, giving your custom address label the personalization they need to stand out

Important Information About Our Template That Works With Avery Template 5162

  • All items mailed through the United States Postal Service need to include a recipient, a street address or P.O. box, the destination town, and the appropriate town zip code
  • Include all necessary information on your custom address labels to insure proper delivery of the mailing to the recipient
  • The template includes three customizable lines, enough room to put the recipient name and address comfortably on each label

When sending your next piece of mail, consider using the Avery Template 5162 style, document to create a custom mailing label. Your recipient will immediately notice you took the extra time and consideration to create the label, and the image you convey will be professional and thoughtful. A few clicks will result in a beautiful one-of-a-kind label.

Download: Template Compatible with Avery Template 5162

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