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When you want to create stunning shipping labels, you can use Avery Template 5126 similar, document. This template is designed to provide you with a 5 ½” x 8 ½” shipping label, which means you get two per page. The graphic gives a professional edge that you can use again and again without doing any of the manual setup on your own.

How to Use Sheet Compatible with Avery Template 5126

Using this document, similar to the Avery Template 5126, is easy to use because the template can be downloaded right here for FREE. The template is also customizable, allowing you to change what you want on it to fit your needs and ensure that it is branded to the rest of your marketing materials and stationery.

  • First, download the template
  • Second, enter the company name along with the sender’s address
  • Third, enter the company or person it is being sent to and their address
  • Fourth, save it in your documents
  • Finally, print the document on the 5126 Avery similar, Labels

If you have a color printer, be sure to use it so that the colors of the graphic show up just as what is pictured on your screen.

Tips for Using the Sheet Compatible with Avery Template 5126

To ensure that you maximize the template, in the style of the Avery Template, 5126 to the fullest of its potential, there are some tips that you can follow to get a better looking label that can be used again and again.

  • Add a logo in the return label section to show the people who it is coming from
  • Increase the font to make it more legible
  • Change the color of the text to match your logo’s colors
  • Save the template in a folder that you will remember so you can use it more than once
  • Download other templates that will help you to brand yourself, including return address labels, business cards, postcards, and more

Once you download Avery Template 5126 similar, document you will see how easy it is to use. Work with it and begin playing with some of the options to create the best possible shipping label that you can.

Download: Compatible to Avery Template 5126

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