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When you are trying to organize a raffle as a fundraiser for a group or organization there are a lot of things that will have to be done to ensure its’ success. Besides lining up all of the wonderful prizes, organizing and tracking the selling of the raffle tickets and keeping all of those sales straight you will need to print up the raffle tickets that will be used for the raffle. If you use the document, similar to the Avery Raffle Ticket Template, it will make one step in that process just a little bit easier.

About the Template Compatible with Avery Raffle Ticket

The document, similar to the Avery Raffle Ticket Template, is available to any computer user as a free download. Anyone can do it it’s so easy-to-use, and the tickets can be customizable for any sort of raffle. To save paper, the sheets are designed to print on a regular full sheet of paper with ten black and white tickets on each page. Some of the information you should include when you customize your tickets on the document similar to the Avery Raffle Ticket Template should include the name, address and the phone number of the person who purchases them so they can be contacted if they are a winner following the raffle.

The Avery Raffle Ticket Template similar, document tickets are compatible with a few different Avery products. You can use Avery 5871, Avery 8871, or Avery 8873 to print the tickets on. All of these are regular sized on a full sheet and will work on any model computer printer.

Look like a Pro with the Template Compatible with  Avery Raffle Ticket

You can upload a logo or graphic to be used in the corner of the tickets and you can include a Thank You message or other note on along the side of the ticket as well. Next time you are on the committee for a raffle or a fundraiser, make use of the document, similar to the Avery Raffle Ticket Template, to help make the job a little easier. It’s a lot of work to plan a fundraising event and using the template will be a time saver, it will help you look professional, and it will help keep the event organized. There will be lots of work to do but designing the raffle tickets won’t seem like any at all.

Download: Compatible with Avery Raffle Ticket Template

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