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It is usually difficult to find a postcard that perfectly meets a person’s needs. Even if one finds that rare postcard, they are usually unavailable in the quantity that is needed. One such rare kind of postcard is one that is sent to inform others of a change of address. The most convenient option is to be able to print your own postcards. Imagine the ease by which you can easily customize a postcard with your personal information and print as many as you need from the comfort of your own home. The Avery Postcard Template 8387 style, document is a fully customizable Microsoft Word template that can be used specifically for this purpose.

How to Use the Document that Works with Avery Postcard Template 8387

This template is simple to use. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Download the front and back side of the document, in the style of the Avery Postcard Template 8387, which is available on this page for free.
  • Double-click on the downloaded Microsoft Word document file of the front side of the postcard to customize the content as you see fit.
  • Save the file as a document file using a different file name, which will allow you to reuse the template later.
  • Repeat the process with the back of the Postcard Template.
  • Using postcard paper, prints the back side first, and then turns it over to print the front side.
  • Cleanly cut the postcards.

Tips on Using the Document that Works with Avery Postcard Template 8387

  • Note where you downloaded Avery Postcard Template 8387 style, template. It is recommended that you create a folder where you can save your downloaded templates.
  • Rename the downloaded templates so it is easily recognizable when you want to use them again.
  • When printing, take note of the orientation the paper when feeding it into the printer. Lightly marking the edge of the paper that goes into the printer first is usually a sufficient reference. When printing the reverse side of the postcard, turn the paper around so that the unmarked edge goes into the printer first and the marked edge is underneath and enters the printer last.
  • Use appropriate printer paper for the postcards. For best results, use the Avery postcard printer paper for your printer.

Download: Works with Avery Compatible Postcard Template 8387

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