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The document, in the style of the Avery Label Template 8163, is a great document to use for both small and large businesses that ship out customer orders frequently and need address labels readily available to print at a moment’s notice. The amount of address labels you can print on one sheet of make them ideal to use when managing multiple customer orders, or managing a single customer’s bulk order.

How to Use the Sheet that Works with Avery Label Template 8163

The Avery Label Template 8163 style, document is very easy to use. You can add more information to your labels beyond just filling in the required fields, and you can customize the labels to fit any size you want for your envelopes, packages, or other delivery containers. Best of all, this template is completely free of charge from Avery Products Corporation.

  • The first thing you will want to do is fill in the required fields with your company name and address in the return address field, then fill in the customer or client name in the destination address field. If you’re a third party logistics company, then supply the name of the sending company in the return address space.
  • If you’re sending out multiple orders to one customer, or multiple envelopes or packages to one destination, then you can use the copy and paste tools to quickly copy one cell into every cell so that you do not have to go through every cell and enter in the same information over again.

Tips for Using the Sheet that Works with Avery Label Template 8163

  • When customizing the Avery label template 8163 style, document you probably will want to add your own company logo to the label or have a separate sheet of logo labels available to place on the packages or box. If you’re a third party logistics company, the sending company may ask to place their logo on your packages if you provide custom packages for your clients, but you can also place your own on another side of the envelope or package container.
  • You may also want to print other information for your labels such as statements of insurance or zone information or tracking numbers, so that the receiving customers know which packages contain which items.

Download: Template Similar to Avery Label Template 8163

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