Compatible with Avery Label Template 5160

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The document, similar to the Avery Label Template 5160, is a fast and easy way to prepare up to thirty mailing labels on a single easy-tear sheet. Once set-up for the user’s lists, it is simply a matter of printing and then tearing off each label as needed. The self-adhesive papers permit an easy way to attach a label. These clear and easy to read labels will add a business-like quality to any mailer package or envelope. The simple format will help avoid address errors and reduce failed deliveries.

How to Use Sheet that Works with Avery Label Template 5160

To download the Avery Label Template 5160 similar, document click the download here link below on this page. At the site, click the green download box. Once on the computer, open the file with a Word or Office document. Save the template to the computer. This free, customizable sheet of address labels is ready for use. One must fill the address lines with any business or personal list of recipients. One can make up to 30 labels per sheet. Whether for business or personal use this template will save time and reduce effort when preparing mailing labels.

Using the Avery lift and tear papers listed on the download site adds to the convenience. Avery papers help keep clear and crisp lines of print. The helps mail handlers and post office scanning machines capture information quickly and accurately. For regular business use, and for the occasional personal matter such as event invitations or fund-raisers, this free tool will improve efficiency.

Tips on Using the Sheet Compatible with Avery Label Template 5160

The free and simple-to-use Avery Label Template 5160 similar, document can save valuable business time and resources. No longer will one have to make labels one at a time. There are shortcuts and time saving techniques to improve the overall results, as follows:

  1. Print a large number of Avery Label Template 5160 similar, sheets for frequently used addresses, the easy lift and tear format will make mailing easy.
  2. Use cut and paste, mail merge, or other computer lists to fill in addresses quickly and accurately.
  3. Use a spell checker to eliminate typos and errors in the address information.

Download: Compatible with Avery Label Template 5160

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