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Whether you are trying to put a recipe file together or organize a novel, index cards have been traditionally used to help us organize both our thoughts and our projects. In the past, it was nice to write on an index card and make it be part of a report or a speech for class or for your professional life. The problem often became, what happens when you want to make changes to one or more cards? The answer often was that you needed to rewrite each card because you used a pen or pencil to create the original. With the document, similar to the Avery Index Card Template for Microsoft Word, there is no need to start over every time you want to make changes. You can organize your thoughts or your record collection on a set of index cards that measures three to a page. Later, if you want to make changes, you can do so by re-opening the document that you created. It’s that simple.

The Avery Index Card Template similar, document is downloadable for free from this page. It is easy to customize your work once you have started and can be printed on Avery cards 5388, 5389, 5889, 8386.

How to Use the Template Compatible With Avery Index Card Template

  • Open the template and add the information that you want to see on the index cards.
  • If you are not finished adding index cards, save the file as a document and finish adding card information when you have it.
  • Use print preview and options to select the Avery-style, card that you will be using to print the index cards

Works with the Template Compatible to Avery Index Card Template

  • You don’t have to finish all of your cards in order. Similar to regular index cards, you can add different pieces of information to different cards and then print all of the cards at once.
  • If you have an organizing system or code to track each card, ensure that it isn’t closed. In other words, allow your system to continue to grow until you have finished adding card information so that you don’t have to renumber or re-letter the cards.

Download: Compatible with Avery Index Card Template

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