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If you are starting or currently running your own business, it is essential that your correspondence portray your professionalism and personal touch. Using the Microsoft Word document, similar to the Avery Envelope Template, will have your business envelopes traveling through the mail with style and class. You will find that using the free Avery Envelope Template similar, document that you can download from right here will save your business time and money while keeping your business looking professional.

This envelope template will allow you to create customized size 10 envelopes with return and sending addresses matching type and style. This makes your correspondence stand out from the rest. When you use the simple free Avery Envelope Template similar, document that you can download right from here, you will also find that you can correlate your style and look to match other customizable template applications located in the Modern Firm templates.

How to Use the Avery Envelope Compatible Template

  1. Download the template from this page to your computer. Fill in the information that will remain unchanged such as your company’s address information.
  2. Save this customized template with your company information to a file on your computer and name it so that you can call it up each time that you need to send out new correspondence.
  3. Set up your envelopes to match with other Avery Templates to keep the look of your stationery uniform and professional.

Tips for Using the Avery Envelope Compatible Template

  1. Be sure to double check the spelling and punctuation of your correspondence before saving it to your computer file.
  2. If you find that you correspond to one specific address repeatedly, you may find it beneficial to complete the entire addressing of the customized envelope and save it to its own file or customer file.
  3. It is a good idea to print out a page of any finished correspondence in the event of emergency or electrical failure.

Using the free downloadable template, similar to the Avery Envelope Template, will have your mail conveying the professional and classy look that your business needs and it can be done right here.

Download: Compatible with Avery Envelope Template

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