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Have you ever had to spend hours sifting through a pile of unmarked CDs trying to find a certain song or file? With document in the style of the Avery CD Label Template 8931 organization and labeling is no longer a problem. The Avery CD Label Template 8931 similar, template offers a full customization template and is offered for free on this site. Simply click on the download link and get started.

How to Download and Use Template that Works with Avery CD Label 8931

Upon opening the template for the first time, one will notice that the layout looks very similar to what you would expect to find in a CD.

  • Click on the download button. Ensure that you click run if prompted. Once the program has downloaded you can click directly on the download within the browser, or you can navigate to the destination folder and double click the file to open the template.
  • To customize the spine all that is needed is to add the text which you want to appear. Because the Avery CD Template 8931 similar, document can be customized to your desires, colors special fonts, and even graphics can be placed in this area. Simply click in the area to add the font or import your material onto the template space.
  • To add a graphic to the template, one needs to have a saved file. Locate the file and add the graphic to the template in the style of the Avery CD Label Template 8931.
  • To change the text found in the template simply click on the font and type the change.

Tips for Using the Template that Works with Avery CD Label 8931

  • Please take note that the spine (that small area on the side of a CD) usually has text which is smaller than the front cover. Keep this in mind when customizing your template. Although the text may look nice and dynamic, if it is hard to read then it will not work for the project.
  • When saving your customized template, ensure that you save the design under a different name. To do this ensure that you use the save as command and not the save command.
  • Once completed the, Avery CD Label Template 8931 similar, document can easily be printed using a standard printer. Of course, for best results one is encouraged to use Avery paper in which to do so to achieve the best results.

Download: Work with Avery CD Label Template 8931

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