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Use the document in the style of the Avery 8931 Template to create your very own unique standard jewel case inserts for CDs and DVDs. It is free, easy to use and able to be personalized by you.

This template, similar to the Avery 8931 Template, allows you to easily customize standard jewel case inserts for CDs and DVDs. You may choose from three versions to personally tailor the front, back and spines of your CD or DVD insert. Two of the templates already have attractive graphics. This template is free and simple to use. In no time at all you will have professional looking inserts for your CD/DVD cases.

How to Use the Works with the Avery 8931 Template

The template on this site is free, downloadable and easy to customize to produce a professional looking insert. After downloading, the template will appear as a document on your desktop. You will only need to open it, name it and SAVE it.

To modify the Avery- like 8931 Template:

  • Click on the text and a text box will appear around it. You only need to highlight the text and type your new words over it.
  • Add your graphics in these boxes by cutting and pasting or importing.
  • When you are satisfied with your work be sure to SAVE it again.
  • Print your insert and you are done.

Tips for Using the Works with the Avery 8931 Template

Some additional tips for using these templates are:

  • Be sure to SAVE your document at each step so you don’t lose any work.
  • Notice that there is a front and back designation on the template and the spine text boxes as well.
  • After you have trimmed off any excess paper you are ready to fold it and insert it into the jewel case.
  • This template can be used with Word 2003 version or later.
  • File sizes are 10KB (plain insert), 13KB (music symbol insert) and 17KB (candy canes and holly insert)

You have now successfully created your own unique jewel case inserts for CDs and DVDs.

Download: Compatible with the Avery 8931 Template

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